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Seriously Social helps you understand your world. Each week you can listen to in depth, intelligent insights from Australia’s best social scientists.

Seriously Social talks about human society, social relationships and a world in transition. It is brought to you by the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

Season four has been launched  and the first two episodes are all about ageing. How to retire well looks at how much money you’ll need to maintain your standard of living once you’re not working, particularly in your last 20 to 30 years of life?  Professor Andrew Podger from the Australian National University discusses what you’ll need to spend through each stage of retirement and guides you through the super maze.

The second episode is Why ageism is such as hard ‘ism’ to fight. Being old is trending, and by 2050 there’ll be more over 65s than under 21s. But in Australia, where one in 10 Australian companies will not hire people over 50, ageism is rife. So what’s the cost of excluding older people, and what are some solutions to our ageist society?

The third episode is about memory. Can you trust your memories? Ever wondered if your earliest recollections really happened the way you remember them? Professor Amanda Barnier explores the strengths and challenges of memory: how it works and how others can help us to remember better. Plus, Professor Kate Darien-Smith helps uncover how historians shape memories on everyone’s behalf. Explore more by following the link