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South Grafton’s Mend and Make Do Crew are excited and grateful to announce their upcoming ‘She Shed He Shed’ project, made possible by the Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal (‘FRRR’) and The Yulgilbar Foundation’s grant program.

The Mend and Make Do Crew Incorporated (‘The Crew’) are a volunteer-run not-for-profit based in South Grafton. The Crew’s mission includes reducing ‘waste’ and social isolation, through recycling based arts and crafts, and supporting homeless and at-risk community members through provision of resources to front-line agencies.

The Crew’s She Shed He Shed (‘The Shed’) project objectives are to:

● Increase social connectivity and general well-being with the provision of facilities to cater to community based activities

● Improve access to craft and art activities offering opportunity for self-expression

● Support volunteer vitality with the elimination of the need to fund raise locally

The Shed is going to be a comprehensive gender neutral project that caters to all the primary ‘Off Grid’ Arts & Crafts. The Shed will have two main sections. First, a studio for the lighter weight Arts & Crafts, such as drawing, painting, fabric & fibre crafts. Second, a workshop that caters to heavier weight Arts & Crafts, such as metal work, wood work, mosaics, etc., and will include a Community Tool Library. In addition to these, The Shed will provide a mending service (for garments, furniture and other domestic items) and Sewing Machine & Overlocker servicing.

The project timeline will span across the 2021/2022 financial year, with The Shed fully operational from early 2022.

For further information contact Ursula Tunks, President of The Mend and Make Do Crew Incorporated:

Phone: 0402 024 209

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.mendandmakedocrew.org / www.mendandmakedocrew.org/she-shed-he-shed