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For the time being the Winsome has had to reduce it’s activity for the safety of our friends and volunteers, due to the COVID-19 virus risk.

So starting today we are not opening our doors as we normally do. However, we are still providing a wonderful meal every day, and still looking out for the needs of some of Lismore’s most vulnerable people.

At 11.30am each day, we’re serving lunch from the side verandah, in takeaway containers; and ensuring people have some sandwiches for later in the day too.

Often a lot of people meet at the Winsome every day, and visitors often attend some of the several service providers such as doctors etc that usually operate from the premises. So we’re really sorry that because of the virus risk, we’ve had to wind down these opportunities.

The Winsome does have an ongoing need for support, and as usual the best gift is cash – as we support local businesses, and provide top quality food. You can donate here….