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The new suicide prevention initiatives will be coming to our area, one of which is the Suicide Prevention Outreach Team (SPOT).  A company called Inside Out, which specialises in working with people with a Lived Experience of Suicide, has been contracted to support the LHD in the co-design of the new SPOT team.  The co-design team will consist of equal part Lived Experience Consultants and Service Providers.

We are looking for 6 people with a Lived Experience of Suicide to be part of the co-design process and would be very grateful if you could share the attached flyer as widely as possible amongst your networks, or with people who you think may be interested.  The co-design will commence on Wednesday 7th October.  Apologies that there is not as much notice as we would have liked but we have only recently been able to lock in dates.

We understand that 2020 has been a particularly challenging time for some people and so we have provided several crisis support options below.