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Hello Northern Rivers Community,

You are invited to participate in the ‘Super Rough Seas’ Community Recovery Art Project. The project is bringing together our stories and experiences of COVID-19 in a Street Art Story Montage in the Northern Rivers. The work will be a visual storytelling of our communities’ compounded lived experiences through the challenging times of the COVID-19, recent fires, drought and floods. Super Rough Seas will explore our narratives around how we may all be in the same ocean during these challenging times but our boats are all different shapes and capacities, as well as offering a visual dialogue of hope as we create images for our visions for the future.


Community members of all ages and abilities from around the Northern Rivers are invited to submit images of their artworks/drawings/sketches created during or in a reflection of the isolation period of COVID-19 as well as artworks in relation to the recent fires, drought, floods, social justice/ injustice and climate change. The artworks will be photo-shopped & collaged together and then printed to produce a large scale street art story montage paste-up to be installed in a public space in our community (we are on the hunt for a suitable large wall if you have one and would like to be part of the project).

The project is about connection in our community and making sense of our personal and shared experience through art. Wonderfully supported by Arts Northern Rivers.

To participate follow the link to learn more and submit artworks