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“The Family Centre’s Connecting Home program supports over 400 young people each year between the ages of 15-24 who are homeless or at the risk of becoming homeless. The lack of housing stock and the rental affordability crisis in our region continues to deepen.

In February 54 young people presented to our Connecting Home service for assistance. This is the highest ever in a single month!”  said David Boutkan, Executive Director.

“We have a no wrong door policy and assist every young people in some way to remain at home, when it’s safe to do so, maintain or secure accommodation either in shared housing or rental arrangements, or access our limited supply of supported housing options.” said Gerina Appo, Manager Connecting Home 

One of the problems we face assisting young people into new housing is that they often have minimal funds for start-up costs of setting up a home.

The Family Centre are calling for donations to support our Home Starter Packs project. Each pack is valued at $500 and includes all the essentials to setting up a home: ·      

Kitchen utensils ·      

Cookware ·      

Appliances ·     

Linen ·      

Cleaning goods