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In just a few days, members of the government, civil society, business leaders, and unions will come together for the Jobs Summit.

Already, there is a lot of talk about unemployment, skills training, and job creation by economists and others. But we need to make sure that our political representatives are hearing what it’s really like to struggle to get by on income support, without enough or any employment.

Can you email your MP and share your experience of struggling to get by on income support?

We know that people on income support payments who are seeking paid work face massive barriers that prevent them finding a job.

People with disabilities, single parents, people who are out of paid work long-term, and older workers are consistently pushed to the back of the job queue because employers aren’t willing to give them a chance.

And the outrageously low rate of JobSeeker and other income support payments makes it nearly impossible for people to cover basic expenses, let alone retrain and find a new job.

We need to make sure that our representatives are hearing these stories before the summit this week so that they get a full picture of what it’s like to live on income support. Click here to email your MP