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High bills are one of the most common issues that energy and water customers face, but help is available.  The Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON) provides a free and independent complaint-handling service for all electricity and gas customers in New South Wales, and some water customers.

Are you using more energy than usual? 

If you feel like you are paying more for your electricity or gas than usual check these things first:

Is the bill an actual meter read or estimated?

Is it similar to the bill for the same time last year?  Using different appliances in different seasons can make a difference, for example – heaters vs.air conditioning.

If your usage is higher now than it was for the same time last year, it may be because you’ve been at home more and used more electricity and/or gas, or have had extra people in the household, or maybe you purchased an additional computer, fridge or other device.

Some appliances and equipment use more energy than others, and if they are faulty, they may cost more to run.

If you are on time-of-use rates, the time of day you use your appliances can significantly increase your energy costs.

What to do if your bills are high? 

If you are struggling to pay your bills, we recommend that you contact your electricity or gas provider as soon as possible.

Your provider can offer you an extension of time or a payment plan to help you pay the bill.  You can also ask to participate in your provider’s affordability program which offers protection from disconnection while you pay your account over an extended period.

If you receive an unexpectedly high bill, contact your provider.  Explain your concerns and ask why the bill is high. If you are not happy with the response, you can call our team at EWON. We can investigate your bill, talk to your provider, help negotiate a payment plan, or refer you to agencies which offer additional support.

You can find out more in our fact sheet here.

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