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This year we have teamed up with Raise the Rate for Good, and Anti-Poverty Week to call on the Federal Government to increase Jobseeker and other income support payments and invest in social housing so that everyone can cover the basics and keep a safe roof over their head.

Anti-poverty week is over, but there is still time to sign our petition.

If you have already done so, could you please forward this email to someone who you think would be interested?


The Federal Government has the power to address homelessness in Australia, but we need your help to convince them to take action.

The punitively low rate of income support, along with skyrocketing rental costs, and a shortage of social and affordable housing, is creating financial distress and creating a housing and homelessness crisis.

In a wealthy country like Australia, it shouldn’t be this way.

Can you join us in calling on the Federal Government to increase support payments and invest in social housing?

Signatories to this petition will receive updates from Everybody’s Home and the Australian Council of Social Service including the Raise the Rate for Good campaign.