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Last weekend it was reported by Sky News that the Government is considering slashing the new JobSeeker Payment as early as July. Let’s be frank: This is deeply concerning.

Returning to the old cruel rate of $40 a day would not only be a devastating blow for people relying on the payment, but would also massively harm our economy.

This is especially true if a return to the old payment was to happen in July, merely two months away.

We know the community is onside: last week, we reported the results of an Essential Research poll that showed 57 percent of people do not want to return JobSeeker to the old brutal rate of $40 a day (with 28 percent supportive of a return to the old Newstart rate and 15 percent unsure).

This was followed by a Sydney Morning Herald poll that showed strong support for not cutting income support, with 72 percent supporting a permanent increase to JobSeeker (18 percent opposed a permanent increase and 10 percent were unsure).

(Subscriber Poll, Sydney Morning Herald, published May 6 2020.)

We need your help to ensure the Government listens: Can you write to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and tell them why we can never go back to the brutal old rate of $40 a day?

In particular, if you are currently on JobSeeker – or Youth Allowance or Parenting Payment – they need to hear from you, loud and clear, about what cutting your income would mean for your ability to keep a roof over your head and put food on the table. Feel free to send us a copy of what what you send them.

You might also like to register here to contact your local Member of Parliament to let them know why we can never go back to $40 a day.