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This week is Trans Awareness Week  and we’ll be celebrating all the way until Friday 19 November. It’s time for a week of trans pride, and of allies learning how to elevate the voices of our community.

So, how will you be getting involved? Will it be by celebrating your unique trans and gender diverse pride? Or will you be engaging in education and striving to be the best ally to the trans community that you can be?

Will you be doing a work morning tea, a classroom discussion, or maybe a morning meeting?

Whatever your style, we can’t wait to see how you do TAW!

Make sure you tag us in your photos (@minus18youth), and join in the conversation via the hashtag #TransAwarenessWeek2021

And if you need any Zoom backgrounds, social media images or even convo inspo? We got you!

Even if you haven’t organised an activity, there are plenty of ways to get involved. And there’s still time to gather up the office crew and organise a last minute event! Every post, every activity, every conversation started makes a huge difference in championing trans inclusion.


Trans Awareness Week is all about trans pride and allyship – but what if you’re just starting to learn about gender diversity and what being an ally is all about?

Easy! Join us on Thursday 18 November for a special digital Intro to Visible Trans Allyship. You’ll be joined by our Education Team, including the wonderful Seb.

So, what are you waiting for?

Level up your activity and tune in as a team, or join us solo to learn how to support your friends, family, colleagues, or clients.


Back up your Trans Awareness Week activity with real, lasting impact. Fundraise, or donate directly, in support of charities that do the work year-round.

And if you choose to support Minus18? We’re so, so, so grateful for your support. Make a donation below, or download our fundraising toolkit to set up a digital fundraiser!