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Too Deadly For You Rona 2020 Celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture from our own backyards. This page is designed to keep us CONNECTED throughout social distancing, and continue to keep Culture Alive and Well.

Just because NAIDOC Celebrations have either been cancelled or postponed, it doesn’t mean we can’t still Celebrate this significant week. The significance of the July celebrations of NAIDOC Week developed from January’s ‘Day of Mourning’, and was shifted to July as not simply a day of protest, but also to become a day of celebration of our Culture and our Heritage. This is not a NAIDOC Event, but we would like to acknowledge the significance of this week.

Due to restrictions on social gatherings, we are celebrating online via this Facebook Page.

The idea for this page is for Applicants to submit a picture or short clip of your Culture to post for this event, judged from 5 July – 12 July 2020

Please visit: https://www.facebook.com/TooDeadlyForYouRona