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ACON is proud to launch a new COVID relief initiative for trans and gender diverse people in NSW, Trans COVID Care.  

The impacts of the COVID-19 crisis have been felt acutely by trans people in NSW, with many reporting increased food insecurity, financial hardship, mental health issues and delayed access to medically necessary gender-affirming care. To help address this, ACON has pursued funding and developed Trans COVID Care, a short-term program for trans people in NSW effected by the pandemic. 

Trans COVID Care will provide one-off care packages that include referrals to ACON’s mental health and home care programs, an opportunity to engage with a trans peer, TransHub and ACON materials and we will also be able to assist approximately 100 trans people with financial relief of between $150-$250.

Applicants will be invited to select the assistance they’re seeking, including Woolworths card with heart WISH Gift Cards, Coles Gift Cards, a Sock Drawer Heroes voucher, phone credit top ups and prepaid debit cards. All applicants will be assessed and prioritised according to need. 

We know that there are many more than 100 trans people in need across NSW and all applicants will receive some non-financial support. We are thrilled to have recently recruited Brianna Curtis, an Arrernte Sistergirl and powerhouse woman who is administering Trans COVID Care from ACON’s Trans Health Equity Unit, the team that brought you the award-winning TransHub

Attached is a flyer for distribution through your networks. Another way to support the program is by sharing the social media posts for Trans Covid Care, which you can find here.

Applications can be made by trans adults in NSW, their carers and service providers. Parents with trans young people may also apply on their behalf.

Submit an application through www.tinyurl.com/TCCare or over the phone by leaving a message for a call-back on 02 9206 2050.    

Questions can be directed to ACON’s Trans and Gender Diverse Health Equity team via [email protected].  

For more see flyer: