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What’s new?
•    Consolidation of phone numbers
•    Choice of counsellor
•    New application form

Consolidation of Phone Numbers
Victims Services will have two main contact numbers.
The Aboriginal Contact Line remains unchanged and is still available on: 1800 019 123.
The Victims Access Line (VAL) 1800 633 063 will now provide access to a broader range of services. Individual service numbers will be redirected to the VAL number.
Please listen to the new menu selection that will guide you to choose the specific service you are after including:
•    Victims Support Service
•    Approved Counsellors
•    Restitution
•    Specialist Victims Support Service
•    Child Sexual Offence Evidence Program
•    Redress
•    Families and Friends of Missing Persons

Why are we making this change?
Consolidating the various contact numbers provides for easy access to all services.

Choice of Counsellor
Once approved for counselling, our clients will now be able to choose the counsellor that suits them best from the list available on the Victims Services website.
We will no longer allocate a counsellor to a client.

Why are we making this change?
The new process allows clients to arrange an appointment with an available counsellor when they are ready.
If a client experiences difficulty locating a counsellor they can call the VAL or the Aboriginal Contact Line for assistance.

New Application Form
Victims Services is introducing a new application form to streamline access to the various forms of support under the scheme.
Applications will now require relevant documentary evidence to be included at the time of lodgement to enable efficient processing of claims.  The new requirements reflect the hierarchy of support provided under the scheme.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

For clients who need assistance with collecting documentary evidence to support a claim, Victims Services website will feature a guide and report templates to help with this.
Where a client cannot obtain other medical documents to support their claim for economic loss or a recognition payment, they may use a counselling report from an Approved Counsellor as the documentary evidence.  The client will need to request a report directly from their counsellor and then make a new application for the relevant support type.

Why are we making this change?
Incomplete application cause delays in processing claims.  We are focusing our resources on getting completed applications processed and approved so clients can get their payments faster.
For more information about these changes please call the Victims Access Line (VAL) on 1800 633 063; the or the Aboriginal Contact Line 1800 019 123  or see our FAQs link below.

FAQs – Service Improvements April 2020