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SilVR Adventures is a Melbourne-based technology company that provides products which connect and stimulate seniors through virtual reality. 

SilVR Adventures’ mission is to tackle the isolation and loneliness experienced by many seniors. It seeks to bring people together through shared experiences in virtual reality. Their virtual reality-based experience and communication products offer residents of care providers the chance to chat, travel the world, and even watch a classic movie with other residents, all in a virtual world.

The company is keen to work with care providers to deliver the strategic goals, objectives and outcomes related to senior care and support, enriching the quality of life for older persons, and those living with dementia and / or disabilities. SilVR wants to enhance community and connections and improve the mental health of seniors.

SilVR Adventures has taken more than 2,000 seniors on shared experiences in virtual reality and demonstrated a 40 per cent uplift in general happiness. You can view SilVR’s customer survey results here

One of the advisors on the SilVR board, from the University of Melbourne, recently published a study demonstrating the benefits of virtual reality with seniors which can be found here

 A short video overview of the solution can be found here

Feedback from residents and care teams using our solution can be found here

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