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Dear Service Providers

I hope you are finding that ‘inner-strength’ that we all need to draw on to get us through the many challenges that we are facing in response to the COVID-19.

The rapid pace and level of impact are almost incomprehensible. Hardest hit will be those that are already the most vulnerable members of our community, and as job losses continue and more businesses and services are closed, the numbers of people in need of support will increase significantly.

However, there is a slight glimmer of hope in this social isolation, although by no means perfect yet, Wesley Mission now has implemented  a digital form on the website, which goes directly to the Emergency relief team. The client will then be given a phone assessment and once approved, can receive Digital food vouchers and also have any other financial needs  processed without having to leave their home.


I would really appreciate if you could share the link with your community members. Should Wesley not have the funding for any particular area, the link will direct the client to the DSS page , where they can see which organisation is funded for ER in their area.

Thank you and keep safe.
Kind regards
Claire Raitt| Team Leader, Financial Wellbeing NSW .  0247 239 277 | 0437631165
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