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For this report, Yfoundations conducted 143 interviews with caseworkers, managers and leaders in the Youth Justice and SpeYfoundations would like to share our new research report with you, entitled Young, in trouble and with nowhere to go: Homeless adolescents’ pathways into and out of detention in NSW.

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cialist Homelessness Services system. This research sheds light on the two-way relationship between adolescent homelessness and incarceration in our state.

It demonstrates that vulnerable young people are being held in detention every year in NSW, simply because they are homeless. And even when these vulnerable adolescents are released, the report shows that too many are exiting detention only to insecure accommodation and homelessness.

Register for our virtual launch panel

Join us for the virtual launch of the report on Tuesday 26 October at 11 am where Yfoundations’ Research and Policy Manager, Dr Elizabeth Watt will present the report’s main findings and recommendations.

We will also hear from three other panellists who will discuss their knowledge and experience of supporting young people who have come into contact with the youth justice and homelessness systems