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OPAN recently hosted a webinar that is available on their website https://opan.org.au/your-human-rights-in-aged-care/.

Whether it is in their home or a residential aged care facility, every older person receiving aged care is entitled to a unique set of rights.

There are 14 rights outlined in the Charter of Aged Care Rights protecting an older person’s independence, freedom to choose, care, and ability to speak up without consequences.

Just because there is a Charter, doesn’t mean those rights are respected. Older people must be empowered to exercise their rights, while their loved ones and aged care providers must recognise the impact on a person when they are ignored.

In our live webinar on February 11 2021, we discussed how you can exercise your rights, and what everyone can do to empower older people.

The panel:

• Daniella Greenwood, Consultant at Daniella Greenwood & Associates

• Wendy Lacey, Executive Dean, Faculty of Business, Government and Law at University of Canberra

• Craig Gear, CEO of the Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN)

Hosted by Kyle Olsen